Silver Waves Table Lamp by Tommy Bahama 15676

Silver Waves Table Lamp

Silver Waves Table Lamp by Tommy Bahama 15676

Made from a cast composite with a nickel plated finish.   Off-white, OVAL  silk lampshade.  Works great as a table lamp or bedside lamp.

Style: Contemporary, Nautical

Height (top of finial): 28″

Shade:  12″ x 17″ Top  –  12″ x 17″ Bottom – 11″ Height

Bulb/Watt: 1) 150 Watt Bulb, 3-Way

Brand:  Tommy Bahama

Delivery Time: Receive in approximately 12 days or 16 days to west coast.

To Order or Get Price:

Assistance: Please call 1 (800) 481-0120 or e-mail if you have any questions.


2 thoughts on “Silver Waves Table Lamp by Tommy Bahama 15676

  1. This is beautiful. Can you tell me nickel requires any maintenance, and if the patina changes over time? Also, is it shiny and reflective or more of a matte look?

    • There is very little maintenance with nickel. This material is frequently used for faucets and sink fixtures – and those get lots of use everyday. Most any kind of typical cleaning solution such as Windex would work to remove any fingerprints. Unlike a faucet, a table lamps does not get frequently handled – so fingerprints should not be a issue. The look of nickel stays the same over time – and will not tarnish. This lamp has a glossy, polished finish.

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